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The Foundation

Since the departure of Endingen 112 days had passed, until they reach the Palmar del Tuy, marking the formal beginning of Colonia Tovar: the place they arrived April 8, 1843.

For the three months of the arrival of settlers was published in the Colonia Tovar Prospectus Bulletin of bilingual Spanish - German, was made the first artisanal beer Venezuela, created the first botanical garden, and were running the school and regularly clinic.

The proposed agricultural colonization of Colonia Tovar Codazzi was provided by a private company, which would derive a significant benefit to Venezuela, as was the development of hitherto uncultivated farmland.


In the year 1964 during the government of Rómulo Betancourt, was ordered to Colonia Tovar and adjacent areas as tourist areas, through Presidential Decree No. 1165, and thereafter the various sectors of the Tovar Municipality have been integrating tourism.

Little by little and enjoying the excellent climate of the area as well as the cuisine of his own native Germany, and the ability of Colonieros to manufacture all kinds of handicrafts, including the natives were in the region, the splendid possibilities tourism in the valley.

The first hotel to be built was the Selva Negra, which followed the Kaiserstuhl and Drei Tannen. Subsequently built the Bergland, Upper Bavaria, Edelweiss and many more, making the Colonia Tovar on one of the first tourist centers of the country and, unquestionably, the highest per capita income in Venezuela, in proportion to its population.

Its residents.

The core of Cologne is now composed of approximately 8555 people, the population actually much greater, as in the Tovar Municipality have about 16,000 inhabitants, in addition to the multitude of people have built rest house or in summer this idyllic spot.

In Colonia Tovar, brilliant and successful testing of colonization by a group of Venezuelans in the last century, and conducted by the tenacious effort and continuous work Colonieros those who devoted the best years of your youth, you can enjoy the inhabitant of populated our cities, a place of clean air and fresh, clean and comfort for a few hours or days in an environment that, years later, has many of the characteristics and peculiarities of his native Germany.

Local Culture

Child Dance typical and settlers:

Born by the need to rescue the real dance as cultural expression, and representative of the ancient Colonia Tovar, by inviting the "Cultural Vacation Plan" promoted by the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Culture (2003)

Subsequently, what the "Cultural Coloniero rescue groups," in memory of the first "settlers" of German origin, farmers and artisans who had their roots through dance, music and dialect. Thus, its founders Myriam Gerig (dance teacher) and Jairo Zuleta (Director of Culture), with the help of private enterprise (Charcuterie Tovar) and the active involvement of parents and representatives, as members of the foundation have been devoted to the consolidation of children's and bring true cultural ambassadors "of Colonia Tovar in every public appearance, inside and outside of our State and County

The group, started with presentations at the "Oktoberfest" (German festivals and settlers), held in Avila (Avila Mágica, October), the Festivities of Colonia Tovar, in honor of the Patron Saint Saint Martin of Tours (November ) in the Fairs Anniversaries of Jarillo and San Sebastian de los Reyes. Also anniversaries and celebrations of local schools as the EU and the EU San Jose Tovar Martín, in the act of swearing in of the "Brigades of School Health", in Day of the Child, the "Monday" Resurrection ", the" 161 anniversary of the Colonia Tovar "(April 8) of the llanera music festival" Golden Peach, of the Community act "the Cologne tops and other local events, as a stimulus to our culture

Also in official and unofficial acts inside and outside of Cologne as the "IV Encuentro de Corales of Certified Public Accountants, the solemn session of the" graduation ceremony of Mission Sucre y Rivas, "the" Visit of representatives of the Conrad Foundation Adenauer and the German parliamentarian Peter Weiss "in the" Assembly of the Cultural Association Humboldlt "with the forum" Colonieros Topics ", in" Foreign Cultural Encounters, "an at Teatro Teresa Carreño (Government invitation) and in the "Aula Magna" of the UCV (invitation of the missions of the Evangelical Church of Venezuela), at the Community "Installation of ultrasound equipment" donated by the Foundation "Friends of the Colonia Tovar" of Germany to the Foundation "Alfred Tiberghe" Anniversary Cuartel Montilla (Victoria).

Dancing Licht Der Seele

LICHT DER SEELE (light of the soul), was born on November 11, 2004 in a small corner of the Municipality Tovar Colonia Tovar which is named "The Rock of Gabante.

The German dance group LICHT DER SEELE (light of the soul), is composed of young people aged 15-30 years, each from different families, but with a similar single par excellence, which is to rescue the cultural values moral and left us the earliest settlers of the 08 April 1843 Venezuelan trod ground, very similar to what Germany was that they had left behind.

The name "Light of the Soul" is that all members have a great feeling to rescue the culture of our ancestors, they want us is born of the soul, in the same vein, as we are young is a light that illuminates our path and we want to fulfill our dream of bringing the culture of La Colonia Tovar across the world, so we can share other people's

Tourism & Hiking

Regenwald Tours (tours and excursions)

The invitation to discover your adventurous spirit

And enjoy our natural beauty, archaeological heritage and historic aatural Colonia Tovar, through our tours and excursions

Footprints of the Past (duration 2 hours): Enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the town and its surrounding areas of vegetable crops, strawberries, peaches, etc..; Visit indigenous petroglyphs, made before the discovery of America, an important heritage the ancient inhabitants of the area that has a single witness: the time, and finally, a crafts workshop. This is an excursion that includes a bit of every facet of Colonia Tovar.

Montaña Divina (duration 2 hours): If you enjoy contact with nature, this tour is an interesting choice: visit the monument NATURAL "Pico Codazzi", where you can appreciate all the exuberance of vegetation typical of the place: the giant cedar, tree ferns, bromeliads, granadillo, palms and orchids are endemic to the region (it should be noted that orchids have a definite period of flowering). It is necessary to make some small hikes in the monument, so we advise that clothes and shoes for this.

More than a Twon (duration 2 hours): This tour will give you the perspective of just what the Colonia Tovar has to offer in terms of natural attractions, scenic, historical and cultural, on a route where you can appreciate beautiful panoramic views, cultures and architecture. You will also have the opportunity to visit a handicraft factory and a liquor house typical of the area.

Combined (duration 3 hours): On this tour you will appreciate beautiful panoramic views, vegetable crops, strawberries, peaches, etc, and the typical architecture of the area. At the same time have the opportunity to visit a handicraft factory and a liquor house typical of the area. Besides enjoying the contact with nature, a trip to NATURAL MONUMENT "Pico Codazzi", where you can appreciate all the exuberance of vegetation typical of the place: the giant cedar, tree ferns, bromeliads, granadillo; palms etc.

El Jarillo (duration 4 hours, only available in low season upon reservation): This town was founded by inhabitants of the Colonia Tovar more than one hundred years ago, is now a major producer of peaches for excellence, with breathtaking panoramic views, friendly people and very quiet. We visited the village, its church, the plantations of peach and flowers. The output for this tour is approximately at 8:30 Am Minimum 4 people.

Full Day Beach (only available in low season with prior reservation): Enjoy a sunny day in the fishing village of Puerto Cruz. The departure time will be at 7:30 am and return to La Colonia Tovar at 6:00 pm. Includes lunch and drinks. Minimum 4 adults.

Viva Trek Tours, Flights Paragliding

Eco Adventure Der Wald

Full Day Individual and Corporate. (10 to 20 People)

We offer a new adventure for entrepreneurs and groups of people with outdoor experiential activities totally immersed in a mountain environment.

The package includes Recreation, Adventure, Adrenaline, Share Games, games, contacts Crops, Trekking or Hiking, Food & Beverage.

Happy Adventure
(8 to 12 persons), 2 days and 2 nights or 2 days and 1 night

A full package which includes a comfortable lodging, recreation, adventure, adrenaline, Share Games, games, contacts Crops, Hiking and trekking, Breakfast, Beef der wald, sancocho, relaxation areas, drinks, bonfires, barbecues or Pinchas , music and dancing with dances.

You can not fail to enjoy at any time, as our personal attention will make you feel at all times be under the warmth of family.

Sitios de Interes

Saint Martin of Tours Church

Saint Martin of Tours Patron of Colonia Tovar, born in Austria. It was a noble soldier who helped the poor with their alms. Patron in Endigen (Germany), his image was brought to the first settlers in the year 1843. Their religious holidays are celebrated on November 11. Hours of the Holy Masses: Monday through Saturday: 6:30 Rosary, 7:00 Misa.Domingos:. 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 m.Bautizos: Saturday 5:00 p.m. Marriage: A month's notice of the Parish anticipado.Nombre: Saint Martin's Parish Priest of ToursNombre: P. Javier A. Giraldo, O. Carm.

One of the most important and interesting is that the Colonia Tovar is a museum. In his creator, the chronicler of the city, Professor Nestor Rojas, has most of his life to show visitors and residents a piece of the history of Cologne. One of the most important documents that the museum maintains a list of the first 400 people and the agreement by which the government of Venezuela in Germany to receive these pobladores.Uno of the most important documents that the museum maintains a list of first 400 people and the agreement by which the government of Venezuela in Germany to receive these people.

Hotels and Inns


Hotel Klein Dorf : Hotel Klein Dorf, located in Las Tejerías (after Arte Ceramica Tovar) at 10 minutes from the town center. Served by Mrs Yadira Tel 0244-355.1958 / 0244-355.1004 / 0412-974.6198 / 0412-5776301 (Yadira)

Hotel Selva Negra: Hotel Selva Negra - 1030 Colonia Tovar, Edo. Aragua, Venezuela Telefs: +58 244 355.1715 - Fax: +58 244 355.1338 - email:


Clemence Accommodation: Clemence accommodation located only 3 minutes from downtown, via the mill sector Palmarito Run by Joaquin and Maria Tel 0244-355.1467

Tourist Accommodation Mariluis: Tourist Accommodation Mariluis located only 100 meters from downtown, La Mountain, in front of the liquor Brunswik (Tulio). Served by its owners Tel 0244-355.1157 / 0244-355.2182 / 0414-492.8657 / 0416-331.0175

Accommodation Strubinger: Strubinger accommodation located just 5 minutes from downtown, toward sector Palmarito Cruz Verde. Run by Thomasa Kanzler Tel 0244-417.0931 0416-337.8612

Accommodation Waldhaus: Waldhaus accommodation located just 5 minutes from downtown, via the mill sector towards Palmarito Cruz Verde. Run by Mairin Gutt Tel 0244-355.1385

Cabins Breidenbach: Address: El Calvario road La Victoria, opposite the Hotel Bergland, just 3 minutes from downtown, Tel 0244-355.1385

Cabins Hessen: Going down to 150 meters of the Church, next to the Old Red Mill, now the brewery Tovar. Served by its owners Phone :0244-251 .5032 / 0244-355.1456

Cabins Silberbrunnen: Address: Hessen street, 30 meters behind the church, attended by Mrs. Matilde of Breidenbach Tel: 0244-355.1490

Cabins Titisee: Titisee cabins located just 5 minutes from downtown, via the mill sector towards Palmarito Cruz Verde. Served by Mrs Adilio Ruthman Tel 0244-251.1293 / 0412-847.5037